Last day to see “Conversations” at the Morgan Lehman Gallery, featuring artists from NY to LA and curated by dear friend Sharon Louden. If you’re in NYC, go check it out today! xSL

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Last day to see “Conversations” at the Morgan Lehman Gallery, featuring artists from NY to LA and curated by dear friend Sharon Louden. If you’re in NYC, go check it out today! xSL

Lighting for The Stamford Yacht Club in CT

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Lighting for The Stamford Yacht Club in CT

What’s Cool in the Lighting World?

Niels Datema has designed a lamp made entirely of graphite, which illuminates when its two parts connect.  He took advantage of graphite’s electrical conductivity to alleviate the need for a switch to turn his Graphlights on or off.  Instead, the base and shade act as positive and negative terminals, which form a complete circuit when they touch and illuminate the bulb.  Graphite, more commonly used for pencil leads, is made up of a specific stable arrangement of carbon atoms that allows electricity to pass through easily.  Read more about Datema’s genius product here

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What’s Cool?

SL loves the Akimbo Linear Suspension by Tech Lighting. With a fun angular form and unique suspension, it’s sure to liven up any space.   

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The SkyBang Stickbulb LED Lights designed by Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley.

A linear LED light that is available in 2 ft – 10 ft pendant lengths. These lights can be configured in a cluster or just by themselves too. The light is comprised of a central metal hardware component and two symmetrical LED bulbs. A clamping mechanism allows for the leveling of the LED lamps, which can be oriented to provide ambient, reflective uplight or more direct task oriented downlight. Metal component offered in white, blackened steel or slate grey finish. Polycarbonate diffuser. Metal canopy. Includes a 72″ field adjustable stem.

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#NowPlaying “Live Your Life (MeLo-X Motherland GOD MIX)” Yuna, MeLo-X

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Daily Inspiration:

A pair of skyscrapers by Milan office Boeri Studio, features as many trees as could be planted in a hectare of forest. The studio came up with the concept of Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, as a way to combine high-density residential development with tree planting in city centers. Two towers, measuring 80 and 112 meters, are set to open later this year and are already home to 900 trees.

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Red, blue and green lights moving across a faceted triangular structure created multicoloured shadows in this installation by Australian lighting specialist Flynn Talbot

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Daily Inspiration:

Architect Daniel Libeskind has designed a chandelier of hand-blown crystal glass shards for Czech brand LasvitThe Ice chandelier by Daniel Libeskind is made up of clear glass cells blown into angular moulds, creating icicle-like forms. These pieces are arranged in a cluster and suspended from a reflective triangular plate. The glass sections can be reconfigured into different shapes. When hung below a light source, the light shines through the glass shafts and illuminates the edges.

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Lighting for Ralph Lauren’s auto storage facility #tbt 

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Lighting for Ralph Lauren’s auto storage facility #tbt